Crystal Power & Healing Energy

Crystals can be overwhelming when first starting out, especially when you realize they have metaphysical & healing properties! I learned by slowly purchasing about 20 different types & sizes of tumbled healing crystals as I started my orgone pyramid journey. I studied a crystal encyclopedia while holding crystals in my hand to feel their energy and different vibrations. I learned about energetic chakras and how crystals can aid in their realignment.

Soon after, the magick started! I began meditating and connecting with clients’ spirit guides and would see the exact color of crystal needed to aid in their healing. I would ask my spirit guide for confirmation of what I envisioned and would get chills (my truth meter) when correct. After clients received my pyramids and confirmed these healing crystals and the included detailed analysis of each crystal were needed for their current situation, this slowly built up my certainty in my gift & confidence. Alas, when introducing an audience to a brand new metaphysical item and new age modality of healing, it can take time to trust not only the product, but the artist as well. I have had many clients not know where to begin either for themselves or for a loved one’s gift. They come to me with a specific problem or intention and ask for guidance & a crystal consultation. It is in that moment of intuition that I am able to build their trust.

I took another leap and decided to get into jewelry making, specifically crystal bracelets with a clasp fitting, to make it even easier for those curious about healing crystals to slowly dabble and familiarize themselves with crystals’ properties and vibrations. Wearable healing jewelry still upholds the crystals’ metaphysical properties and allows people to incorporate crystals in their everyday style. Simple, but elegantly stated, you can dress these bracelets up or down. They are perfect for everyday wear or a family photo session! Each strung bead is energetically programmed with its specific intention and each bracelet is handcrafted with love.