Frequently Asked Questions

What is orgone?

Orgone is a manmade crystal composed of half organic material (crystals) & half nonorganic material (metals) set in resin. It transmutes stagnant, negative energy into positive energy, purifying its surrounding environment. The crystals are squeezed by the resin, magnifying each of their metaphysical properties.

How were these crystals chosen for me?

Crystals were chosen based on your particular intention for your orgone piece. Throughout meditations, I receive clairvoyant messages of which colored stones to use. Sometimes, I will also receive clairaudient messages of particular numbers, short phrases, or full explanations on why spirit chose a particular crystal. Afterwards, I do crystal research for each crystal to figure out “why” it was chosen for you.

How was my orgone pyramid created?

All crystals have been cleansed with white sage and charged in the light of a full moon. While curing, pyramids are exposed to healing meditation frequencies, typically 528 Hz, which is believed to be frequencies of health, longevity, and repair DNA. Copper wrapped crystals and crystal spheres have been programmed for you & your particular intention.

How do I use my orgone pyramid?

To use your orgone pyramid, place it in your hands during meditation and, using visualization, imagine a cord from your heart to the pyramid. Once you feel the connection, focus on the crystals’ intentions that were specifically chosen for you. If at any time you think the connection has been lost, cleanse your pyramid in sunlight, moonlight, white sage, or healing frequencies and again, visualize reconnection.