Reiki is an omnipresent energy. It is known under many different names in different cultures. The Japanese call it "ki." The Chinese call is "chi." In Hindu, it is called "prana." In Arabic, it is known as "ruh."

Reiki Sessions

Do Well Concepts is offering virtual reiki until further notice.

Sessions are 30 minutes long & cost $33. You will be invoiced once we agree on a date! Please email to set up your session today.

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There is a universal omnipresent life force energy that can be found in every living person and thing on this earth. It is known under many different names in different cultures. What western philosophy calls “vital energy,” it is called “ki” in Japanese, “chi” in Chinese culture, “prana” in Hindu, “ruh” in Arabic, and “mana” in the Polynesian culture. For thousands of years, people all over the world have been connecting to this flow of pure, omniscient & ever-present energy through modalities like Reiki, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, meditation, yoga, and acupuncture. With the aid of Kirlian photography, this life force energy can be seen & documented.

While Reiki is not a religion, and does not need the recipient or practitioner to believe in any type of religious belief system, Mikao Usui, the founder of the reiki system, it is still beneficial to adhere to the five principles of Reiki.

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Reiki I Certification

This is for self healing! I was reiki attuned by Jamie Bates virtually on November 13, 2020.


Reiki II Certification

This is for you!

Reiki provided by Do Well Concepts is a holistic treatment. I am unable to diagnose or treat any health conditions. I highly recommend clients consult with a licensed physician or licensed mental healthcare professional if necessary.